S 350-13.5 схема

s 350-13.5 схема
The said evaluation was based on long term business plans and underlying assumptions used for the purpose of valuation, which in view of the Management were realistic and achievable by the subsidiary. The Company evaluated the recoverability of its investments, using business valuations performed by independent experts, according to which the decline in the carrying value of these long term investments has been considered to be temporary. Всё-равно передача будет начинаться на ведомой станции при появлении несучки или субтона на ведущей. Response to point (b) Due to longer than expected gestation period of schools, recoverability of trade receivables amounting to Rs.2,347.50 Million from trusts, due to the subsidiary Company Educomp Infrastructure and School Management Limited (EISML) has been slow.

Транзисторы на радиаторах – немного тёплые при полной выходной мощности. В общем, для QRP – наверно, самое то, что надо. There is no material change in the ESOP schemes of the Company during the year. Тоесть если Вы поставите хвост 2 секунды, то Вам надо будет держать кнопку РТТ на абонентской станции тоже 2 секунды нажатой, прежде, чем включится передача ретранслятора. Based on recent firm offers and valuation reports, the Management believes that the market value of these assets is higher than as considered under the indicative valuation reports and differences, if any, are temporary only. Differences, if any, will be adjusted at the time of sale of such asset.

Намоточные изделия делаются легко и непринуждённо – в инструкции хорошие и подробные пошаговые фотографии для каждого трансформатора. 4. Не знаю точно, но для репитера это не важно. Based on the report of internal audit function, process owners undertake corrective action in their respective areas and thereby strengthen the controls.

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